Lecture Outlines

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Outlines will be posted in the grid below as they become available, usually after they are given.

Aug. 23-Sept. 8    Introduction: Defining Conspiracy Theory 

Sept. 8-29    Paranoia for Fun and Profit and Death and Injustice in Recent American Culture

Oct. 4-11     JFK: The Assassination in Context

Oct. 13-27   JFK: History of the Conspiracy Theories

Oct. 27-Nov. 8       Witchcraft: The First American Conspiracy Theory

Nov. 8-10        Conspiracy Nation: The Origins of the American Revolution

Nov. 15-17   Competing Conspiracy Theories in the Early American Republic (WARNING: Large file, don't try it with a dial-up connection)

Nov. 29-Dec. 1   The Politics of Conspiracy Theory in the Age of Jackson (Antimasonry & Anti-Catholicism)

Dec. 1-6  Conspiracy Theories North & South

Dec. 8   Conspiracy Theory in Industrial America: Antisemitism

Night students, please note that we are not covering most of the pre-1930 material in your class. Get your outlines from the blog.