Introduction: The Conspiracy Industry (selected documents)

bulletChip Berlet essays on the Conspiracist Subculture
bulletClinton, Conspiracism, and Civil Society
bulletPost 9/11 Conspiracism
bulletArticles on particular topics 
bulletMedical "cover-ups" and "hoaxes"
bulletAutism and  the anti-immunization movement
bulletHIV and AIDs
bulletThe fluoridation controversy continues
bulletThe Clinton Body Count
bulletNew World Order
bulletNWO 101
bulletHelpful article suggested by a student in the course
bulletConspiracy theories and paranoia: Notes from a mind-control conference  (from the Skeptical Inquirer) 
bullet More for those who are interested:
bullet"Prison Planet," web site of all-purpose conspiracist Alex Jones
bulletNational Center for Reason and Justice