JFK Assassination:
documents and links

bulletJFK speeches -- read or listen
bulletInaugural Address
bulletThe Long Twilight Struggle (speech on JFK's foreign policy)*
bulletJFK on Conspiracy Theories
bulletAmerican University Commencement Address, 1963 (cited as evidence of JFK's turn toward peace, away from Cold War policies)
bulletJFK as Liberal Hero & Pop Culture Icon
bulletSong lyrics -- ask instructor if you would like to hear them 
bulletDion, "Abraham, Martin, and John"
bulletThe Byrds, "He Was a Friend of Mine"
bulletThe Rolling Stones, "Sympathy for the Devil"
bulletSteve Earle, "Conspiracy Theory"
bulletSt. John the Liberal: an attack on the idea of Kennedy as a liberal hero, an idea which is central to most JFK c.t.'s
bulletOswald and the Manchurian Candidate compared, by the author of the novel
bulletThe Kennedy Assassination (one of the relatively few web sites supporting the "lone gunman" theory; many useful articles, videos, images, charts & documents -- explore 2-3 topics of your choice)
bulletPolitics of the JFK Conspiracy Theories 
bulletFar Right reactions: Revilo P. Oliver, "Marksmanship in Dallas" -- this is also excerpted in the Davis reserve reading assignment
bulletLiberal Consensus reactions:  Editorial from The New Yorker (7 December 1963)
bulletLeft-wing reactions
bulletNation "The American Condition" (21 December 1963) 
bulletMark Lane, "Oswald Innocent? A Lawyer's Brief" ( December 1963)
bulletEdward Jay Epstein, "Who's Afraid of the Warren Report?" (December 1966)
bulletThe British Left 
bulletM.S. Arnoni, "Who Killed Whom and Why?" (January 1964)
bulletBertrand Russell, "16 Questions On The Assassination" (September 1964)
bulletSplit on the left: Radical journalist I.F. Stone defends the Warren Commission & responds to Russell
bulletStudent radicals: Todd Gitlin remembers
bulletThe Warren Report: not required, but provided here for reference
bulletAssassination CT web sites (peruse a few or use as resources; not required)
bulletThe Academic JFK Assassination Site -- rich source of primary documents, especially on the reactions to and evolving theories about the assassination; this is where many of the links above come from 
bulletAssassination Web (from the Coalition on Political Assassinations  [COPA]; filled with excruciatingly detailed attacks on Posner's Case Closed)
bulletElvis Shot JFK (satire of JFK conspiracy theories -- highly recommended!)
bulletlogo3.gif (20188 bytes) (funny, but all actual theories)
bulletGuide to JFK Assassination Web Sites (annotated selection of sites, including a "best of" list )
bulletThe Sixth Floor Museum

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