Conspiracy Theory Today: Religion, Race, and Social Change
    (documents & links)

bulletChip Berlet essays on the Conspiracist Subculture
bulletClinton, Conspiracism, and Civil Society
bulletPost 9/11 Conspiracism
bulletArticles on particular topics 
bulletTheology of Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam
bulletElijah Muhammad speaks
bullet"Our Mother-Plane"
bullet The CIA-Contra-Crack Conspiracy (Theory?) 
bullet "Dark Alliance" -- the original series from the San Jose Mercury News
bulletColumbia Journalism Review on  the "Dark Alliance" controversy
bulletThe Satanism Scare
bulletDebbie Nathan, "The Ritual Sex Abuse Hoax"
bulletImaginary Crimes web site:  "Michelle Remembers: Fiction, not Fact"; "The 'Ritual Abuse' Panic"
bulletFiona Steel, "The West Memphis Three: Did Satanists Murder 3 Boys?"
bullet"A DEVIL OF A TIME: How Is the Church of  Satan Getting Along? Not So Hot." (from the Washington Post, 8/30/98)
bulletThe mainstreaming of Biblical prophecy and other former fringe beliefs
bulletResources on the Rapture and J.N. Darby's system
bulletPastor John Hagee on his (and Darby's) view of the role of Catholic Church ("the Great Whore") in the End Times
bulletPost on Hagee from the History 2420 blog, 2008 -- includes links to PBS documentary we saw & Hagee's own site, as well as news stories
bulletHalloween fears
bulletJack Chick, "The Trick" (comic book pamphlet on Halloween as Satanist conspiracy) "Halloween Poisonings"; "Pins and Needles"
bullet More for those who are interested:
bulletNewsHour with Jim Lehrer online archive on the Oklahoma City bombing