Conspiracy Nation: The Origins of the American Revolution

bulletConflicting Accounts of the Boston Massacre
bulletBritish Officer's Version
bulletAn Anonymous Colonial's Version
bulletPaul Revere's Engraving of the Massacre (click for a short article; click picture below for a larger version & be sure to read the poem at the bottom of the engraving):

massacreicon.jpg (37192 bytes)


John Hancock's 1774 Boston Massacre Oration

bullet The Hutchinson Letters Scandal
bulletPamphlet leaking Massachusetts royal official Thomas Hutchinson's letters to London  (key letter is pp. 12-14)
bulletBenjamin Franklin's public statements on the letters: 1; 2
bulletCartoon: Thomas Hutchinson in Hell
bulletThe Declaration of Independence (most important)
bulletJefferson's draft
bulletFinal version
bullet Web site  (optional)
bulletLibrary of Congress exhibit: Declaring Independence