Competing Conspiracy Theories in the 1790s

Jefferson v. Hamilton

bulletJefferson on the roots of his opposition to Hamilton and his policies
bulletJefferson on the unconstitutionality of the proposed national bank
bulletHamilton on the constitutionality of the proposed national bank
bulletPasley on the Jefferson-Hamilton Feud
bulletNew York Times article on the "Reynolds Affair" (learn here what Bill Clinton and Alexander Hamilton have in common)

The French Revolution in America

bulletProclamation of Neutrality
bulletLetters by Thomas Jefferson
bullet1787: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed . . . with blood"
bullet1793: In praise of the French Revolution, violence and all
bulletThe "Mazzei Letter"

The Federalist "Reign of Terror"

bulletSedition Act

The Illuminati Scare

bulletVery Optional Fun Stuff (e.g., these are jokes,
so do not go citing them as serious evidence in papers)
bullet50 Awful Things About the Illuminati
bulletA Song About the Illuminati