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Avalon Project (Yale Law School) : constitutional and diplomatic documents.
Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics
Library of Congress "American Memory" Collection
A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1873
Early Virginia Religious Petitions
Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress
George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, 1741-1799 
Thomas Jefferson Online Resources at the University of Virginia Electronic Text Center, including:
Addresses, Messages, and Replies
Selections from the "Anas" (notes)
Letters (a selection): Table of Contents
Notes on the State of Virginia
Public Papers
Resources on the History of Women in the Early Republic
Journal Articles: 
Linda Kerber,  "The Republican Mother: Women and the Enlightenment—An American Perspective," American Quarterly, Vol. 28, No. 2, Special Issue: An American Enlightenment. (Summer, 1976),  pp. 187-205.
Jan Lewis, "The Republican Wife: Virtue and Seduction in the Early Republic," William and Mary Quarterly, 3rd. Ser., Vol. 44, No. 4. (Oct., 1987), pp. 689-721.
Rosemarie Zagarri, "Morals, Manners, and the Republican Mother," American Quarterly, Vol. 44  (Jun., 1992),  pp. 192-215.
Web Sites:
Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830-1930 (check "Links" page on this site for many more sites.)

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