Matthew Lyon (1749-1822)


near Dublin, Ireland


Printer, laborer, businessman

Congressional Service

House 1797-1801

House 1803-1811


Rutland Farmerís Library/Fair Haven Gazette, 1793-98 (R)

Federal appointments 

U.S. Factor to Cherokees, Ark. Territory, 1820

Other offices

Clerk of the Vermont Court of Confiscation, ca. 1785 
Member, Vermont House of Representatives, 1779-82 & ten times in the period 1783-96
Unsuccessful candidate for Congress in 1790, 1792, and 1794


Came to America as a redemptioner in 1765
Revolutionary veteran: participant in 1775 Canadian invasion and member of the "Green Mountain Boys"
Subject of two impeachment attempts while holding state office in Vermont, one successful, one not
Father of James Lyon, the most prolific of all partisan newspaper founders, and Chittenden Lyon, multi-term Kentucky congressman
Assaulted by Rep. Roger Griswold (F-Conn.) on floor of House, 15 Feb. 1798, memorialized in an early political cartoon, "Congressional Pugilists"
Sedition Act victim
Invoked by Vermont Sen. James Jeffords in announcing his 2001 party switch
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