Oliver Hillhouse Prince (1787-1837)


Montville, Conn.


Congressional Service Senate 1828-29 (?-Georgia)


Washington (Ga.) Monitor, 1803-1806 (F)
Milledgeville Georgia Journal, 1832-35
Other offices
State senate, 1824


Wrote a newspaper satire on a Georgia militia training, published in pamphlet form as The ghost of Baron Steuben, or, Fredonia in arms! (1807_ that was reprinted in Augustus Baldwin Longstreet's Georgia Scenes (1835) and later plagiarized in Thomas Hardy's The Trumpet Major (1880)
Helped lay out the town of Macon, Georgia
First compiler of Georgia's colonial and state laws
Nephew of James Hillhouse, Federalist senator from Connecticut
Father of Oliver Hillhouse Prince (1823-1875), a Democratic newspaper editor and planter of the 1840s
Died in a famous shipwreck during a hurricane near the North Carolina Outer Banks
Source (beyond BDUSC)
Jackson and Prince Family Papers, Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina
Online article: "The Eponymous Mr. Prince," from the Athens, Georgia magazine Flagpole: part 1; part 2

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