Orasmus C. Merrill (1775-1865)


Farmington, Conn. portrait to be inserted here


Printer, lawyer
Congressional Service House 1817-20 (R-Vermont)


Bennington Vermont Gazette, 1796 (R)
Bennington Tablet of the Times, 1797 (R?)
Pittsfield Berkshire Gazette, 1798 (F)

Federal appointments

Postmaster of Bennington, ca. 1840s-50s 
Other offices
Register of probate, 1815
Clerk of the courts, 1816
Delegate, Vermont constitutional convention, 1822
Vermont House of Representatives, 1822
Judge of probate court, 1822-23, 41-47
State's Attorney, 1823-25
State executive council, 1824-27
State Senate, 1836


Admitted to bar, 1804
Elected during Compensation Act backlash year of 1816
Officer in U.S. Army during War of 1812
1818 House election successfully contested by Rollin C. Mallary

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