Thomas J. Rogers (1781-1832)


Waterford, Ireland


Congressional Service: House 1818-24 (R-Pennsylvania)


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Apprentice (ca. 1790s) with Philadelphia printer Samuel Harrison Smith, publisher of the New World and Universal Gazette
Journeyman, Washington, D.C. National Intelligencer, ca. 1800-1804 (R)
Easton (Pa.) Northampton Farmer, 1805-1814 (R)
Easton (Pa.) Delaware Democrat and Easton Gazette, 1827-28 (D)

Federal appointments

Naval Officer, Philadelphia customhouse, 1830-32 (Jackson editorial appointee)

Other offices

Clerk of the Orphan's Court, Northampton County, Pa., 1808-ca.1810s
Pa. state senate, ca. 1815
Numerous offices in local and state militia, including brigadier general (ca. 1820s)
Register and Recorder, Northampton County 1828-30
Trustee, Lafayette College, 1826-32


Compiler & publisher of A New American Biographical Dictionary, or, Remembrancer of the Departed Heroes, Sages, and Statesmen, of America (four editions, 1813-29), a collection of biographical sketches that was used in some places as a school textbook.
Switched Pa. Republican factions in 1810s, joining the "Family" or "New School" wing, and becoming an ardent supporter of John C. Calhoun's presidential candidacy. 
Two different Easton newspapers, the Mountaineer (1820) and the Expositor (1822) were founded in unsuccessful attempts to defeat him in congressional elections.
Father of printer, editor, Civil War general, and congressman William Findlay Rogers, who rode into battle on his trusty steed "Proofreader" (no kidding)
(beyond what is listed in the BDUSC)
Historical Society of Pennsylvania: numerous letters in Jonathan Roberts Papers and scattered throughout the collection (check card catalog)

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