Officeholding by Federalist Editors and Printers Active from 1791 to 1800

Updated with new data acquired since the original publication of Tyranny of Printers in June 2001.


principal Newspaper(s)


Andrews, Loring Stockbridge Western Star, 1789-97
Albany Centinel, 1797-1801
bulletPostmaster at Stockbridge, ca. 1789-97
Boylan, William Fayetteville/Raleigh (N.C.) Minerva, 1796-1810
bulletRaleigh city commissioner
Buel, David   Litchfield (Conn.) Monitor, 1792-96
bulletPostmaster at Troy, N.Y., 1800-1804
bulletTrustee of Troy, 1802-1804
bullet"Chamberlain," 1816-22
Carlisle, David

Walpole (N.H.) New Hampshire Journal, Farmer's Weekly Museum, 1793-1801

bulletPostmaster at Walpole, ca. 1793-97
Carter, John, Sr.

Providence Gazette, 1767-1814

bulletPostmaster at Providence, 1772-92
Davis, Augustine

Williamsburg/Richmond Virginia Gazette, 1779-1809

Richmond Virginia Patriot, 1809-1820+

bulletPostmaster at Richmond, ca. 1790-1801
bulletState printer, ca. 1791-98
Dennie, Joseph   Editor, Walpole (N.H.) New Hampshire Journal/Farmer's Weekly Museum, 1796-98
Editor, Philadelphia United States Gazette, ca. 1800
Philadelphia Port Folio, 1801-1812
bulletCandidate for Congress, 1798
bulletPrivate secretary to Secretary of State Timothy Pickering
Dickman, Thomas

Greenfield Gazette, 1792-1802

Springfield (Mass.) Hampshire Federalist/Hampden Federalist, 1806-1819

bulletPostmaster at Greenfield, ca. 1793-1801
bulletMass. legislature
Edie, John   York (Pa.) Pennsylvania Herald/York Recorder, 1789-1802
bulletSheriff of York County, 1786-89
bulletGeneral in Adams County militia
Green, Timothy Fredericksburg Virginia Herald, 1787-1819
Hamilton, William Lancaster Journal, 1795-1820
Lancaster (Pa.) Hive, 1797-98
bulletPa. house, 1810-11, Pa. senate 1812 
bulletCounty treasurer, 1816-18
Harper, George Chambersburg (Pa.) Franklin Repository, 1800-1840
bulletPostmaster at Chambersburg, 1840-41
bulletCounty treasurer, 1844-46
Hodge, Abraham New Bern/Edenton State Gazette of North- Carolina, 1785-93
Halifax (N.C.) North-Carolina Journal, 1792-1805
Fayetteville/Raleigh North-Carolina Minerva, 1796-1803 
bulletState printer, 1788-1800
Jungmann, Gotlob Reading Neue Unpartyische Readinger Zeitung, 1789-1801
Reading Weekly Advertiser, 1796-1816
Reading Standhafte Patriot, 1810-16
bulletPostmaster at Reading
Merrill, Orasmus C.

Bennington Vermont Gazette/Tablet of the Times

Pittsfield Berkshire Gazette (F)

bulletVermont House & Senate, Executive Council
bulletProbate judge, State’s Attorney
bulletU.S. House, 1817-19
Peirce, Charles Portsmouth (N.H.) Oracle of the Day/United States Oracle, 1793-99, 1800-1801
bulletClerk of the Mayor's Court, Philadelphia, 1814
bulletAssembly candidate, 1825
Prentiss, John Leominster, Mass. Political Focus, 1798-99
Keene New Hampshire Sentinel, 1799-1847
bulletTown clerk, 1805-1808
bulletTown treasurer, 1808-1812
bulletN.H. General Court, 1820-21
bulletN.H. Senate, 1838
Russell, Benjamin Boston  Massachusetts Centinel/Columbian Centinel, 1784-1828
bulletMass. House of Representatives, 1805-1821, 1828-35
bulletMass. State Senate, 1822, 1825
bulletMass. Council, 1836-37
bulletPresident, Board of Health
Scull, John Pittsburgh Gazette, 1786-1816
bulletPostmaster at Pittsburgh, 1789-96
bulletCity council, 1804
Thomas, Alexander Walpole, N.H. Farmer's Weekly Museum, 1798-1809
Thomas, Isaiah Worcester Massachusetts Spy, 1775-1801
& many others
Tracy, Gardiner   Lansingburgh Gazette, 1798-1826
Utica Western Recorder, 1832-34
bulletN.Y. General Assembly, 1822
Wands, William Salem (N.Y.) Washington Patrol, 1795
Lansingburgh American Spy, 1792-97
bulletPostmaster at Lansingburgh, 1796
Webster, Noah   New York American Minvera, Herald, 1793-97
New York Commercial Advertiser, Spectator, 1797-1803
bulletConnecticut General Assembly, 1802-1807
bulletNew Haven County judge, 1806-1811
bulletMassachusetts legislature, 1814-15, 1819
Wilkinson, William   Providence Gazette, 1793-99
bulletPostmaster at Providence, ca. 1792-1801
bulletR.I. General Assembly, 1813-19

= trained and/or worked as a printer

CURRENT STATS: 25 officeholders, 20 of them printers

*=listed as a Republican by some sources --awaiting verification.

Federalist printers in 1790s who held office after working for Republican papers
(not included in either party's stats)

Day, Matthias Printed Federalist Trenton State Gazette in 1790s, then strongly Republican Trenton True American in 1801 
bulletPostmaster at Trenton, ca. 1810s, based on Republican connections
Smead, Benjamin Brattleboro Federal Galaxy, 1797-1803
Bennington Epitome of the World/World/Green Mountain Farmer, 1807-1816 (Republican)
Bath, N.Y. Steuben Patriot, 1816-23 (Republican)
bulletN.Y. State legislature

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