Officeholding by Republican Editors and Printers Active from 1791 to 1800

Updated with new data acquired since the original publication of Tyranny of Printers in June 2001.


principal Newspaper(s)


Allen, Phinehas

Pittsfield Sun, 1800-1860

bulletMass. House of Representatives, 1814-15, 1818
bulletMass. Senate
bulletFrequent candidate for presidential elector
bulletOfficer of Pittsfield fire district
bulletNumerous other civic & religious activities
Bradford, John

Lexington Kentucky Gazette, 1787-1802
Frankfort Guardian of Freedom, 1798-1801

bulletKy. House of Representatives, 1797, 1802
Bradford, Daniel

Lexington Kentucky Gazette

bulletMayor of Lexington
Buel, Jesse

Troy Northern Budget, 1798-1801
Poughkeepsie Political Barometer, 1802-1805
Kingston Plebeian, 1803-1813
Albany Argus, 1813-21

bulletUlster County Judge
bulletN.Y. Assembly, 1823
bulletState printer, 1815-21
bulletCandidate for governor, 1836
bulletSUNY regent, 1826-40
Childs, Francis Philadelphia National Gazette
bulletVermont legislature, 1808
Davis, Matthew L.

New York Time Piece, 1797-98

Columnist, New York Courier and Enquirer, 1830s

bulletGrand sachem & other positions, NYC Tammany Society ("Tammany Hall")
bulletCandidate for Naval Office, NYC customhouse
bulletAuctioneer, NYC, 1802-1804
Dickson, William

Lancaster Intelligencer, 1799-1823

bulletCounty Treasurer
bulletBorough council, 1812-16
bullet[wife & successor Mary Dickson] Postmaster, 1829-
Duane, William

Philadelphia Aurora General Advertiser, 1798-1822

bulletLt. Col., adjutant general, U.S. Army
bulletPhila. Co. prothonotary
bulletCandidate for Pa. House
Freneau, Peter  

Charleston City Gazette & Carolina Gazette, 1795-1810

bulletSouth Carolina secretary of state
Gales, Joseph Philadelphia Gales's Independent Gazetteer, 1796-97
Raleigh Register, 1799-1832
bulletMayor of Raleigh, N.C., 19 years
bulletN.C. state printer, 1800-ca. 1828
Geyer, John

Neue Philadelphische Correspondenz, 1800-1812

In Philadelphia: 
bulletJudge, 1811-12
bulletAlderman, 1813-27
bulletMayor, 1814
bulletRegister of wills, 1828-30
Haswell, Anthony Bennington Vermont Gazette, 1783-1806

Bennington Green Mountain Farmer, 1811-16

bulletVermont postmaster general
bulletClerk, Vt. House of Reps., 1803
Holt, Charles 

New London Bee, 1797-1802
Hudson (N.Y.) Bee, 1802-1810
New York Columbian, 1809-1816

bulletWard justice, NYC
bulletClerk in NYC customhouse
Hütter, Christian J.

Lancaster Correspondent, 1799-1803

Easton (Pa.) Northampton Correspondent/Pennsylvania Herald/People's Instructor/Centinel, 1806-1839 

bulletPa. legislature, 1822-25
bulletNorthampton Co. recorder of deeds, 1829-36
Israel, John

Washington (Pa.) Herald of Liberty, 1798-1802

Pittsburgh Tree of Liberty, 1800-1805

bulletWashington County (Pa.) register and recorder
bulletCandidate for Congress
Jones, Meriwether  

Richmond Examiner, 1798-1803

bulletVa. Executive Council of State 
bulletVa. state printer, 1798-1804
bulletVa. land commissioner
Kammerer, Henry (Heinrich) Neue Philadelphische Correspondenz
bulletPa. General Assembly, 1792-94
Kollock, Shepard

Elizabeth(town) New-Jersey Journal

bulletJudge, justice of the peace,, Essex Co.
bulletCity official, Elizabethtown
Lillie, John S.   Boston Constitutional Telegraph, 1800-1802
bulletClerk, U.S. Loan Office
bulletClerk, Bank of the United States, Boston branch
Lyon, Matthew
Rutland Farmer’s Library

Fair Haven Gazette

bulletVermont House of Reps., 1779-96 (with a few breaks) 
bulletU.S. House of Representatives, 1797-1801, 1803-1811
McCorkle, William Chambersburg/Greensburg Farmers' Register, 1798-1803
Philadelphia Evening Post/
Freeman's Journal, 1804-1820+
bulletJustice of the peace, 1825
Mercer, Robert   Fredericksburg Genius of Liberty, 1797-1800
bulletCommonwealth's attorney
Merrill, Orasmus C.

Bennington Vermont Gazette/Tablet of the Times

Pittsfield Berkshire Gazette (F)

bulletVermont House & Senate, Executive Council
bulletProbate judge, State’s Attorney
bulletU.S. House, 1817-19
Pennington, Samuel   

Newark Centinel of Freedom

bulletN.J. Senate
bulletN.J. House of Representatives
Pennington, William S. Hatter,
admitted to bar after 1800  
Newark Centinel of Freedom
bulletCo-founder, Essex County Democratic Society  
bulletN.J. Assembly 1797-99, Council 1800-1804
bulletN.J. Supreme Court, 1804-1813 
bulletGovernor of N.J., 1813-15
bulletFederal judge, 1815-26
Pleasants, Samuel Richmond Virginia Argus, 1796-1814
bulletVa. state printer, ca. 1804-1814
Prentis, William

Petersburg Virginia Gazette, 1786-1800

Petersburg Intelligencer, 1800-1804

bulletMayor of Petersburg, 1793-94, 97-98, 1801-1802, 1805-1806
bulletPetersburg recorder, councilman, ca. 1786-1811
Smith, Samuel H. Philadelphia New World/Universal Gazette, 1796-1800
Washington, D.C. National Intelligencer, 1800-1810
bulletWashington, D.C. city councilman, 1803-1804
bulletCommissioner of revenue, 1813-?
Smith, Thomas Perrin  

Easton (Md.) Republican Star

Postmaster, 1801-25
Snowden, John M. 

Chambersburg/Greensburg Farmers' Register, 1798-1803


Pittsburgh Mercury, 1812-20+

bulletMayor of Pittsburgh, 1825-28
bulletAllegheny Co. recorder of deeds
bulletClerk of Orphans' Court
bulletCounty judge, 1840-45
Southwick, Henry C. Newport Rhode Island Museum (F?)
Albany Chronicle
(F), 1797-98
Poughkeepsie Journal
, 1798-1800
Foreman, New York American Citizen
N.Y. state printer, 1814
Southwick, Solomon Albany Register, 1792-1800, 1808-1817

Albany Plough Boy, 1819-

bulletClerk, N.Y.  Assembly, 1803-1807, N.Y. senate, 1807
bulletSheriff of Albany, 1809-1810
bulletN.Y. state printer, 1808-1814
bulletPostmaster at Albany, 1815-?
bulletCandidate for governor, 1822 & 1828
Steiner, Melchior Neue Philadelphische Correspondenz
bulletFederal government clerk, 1799-1807
Trumbull, Samuel Stonington (Conn.) Journal of the Times/Impartial Journal/Patriot, 1798-1802 
bulletPostmaster, 1798-ca.1804
Westcott, James D., Sr.

Bridgeton (N.J.) Argus, 1795-96

Alexandria (Va.) Times, 1797-1802

bulletN.J. Assembly
bulletN. J. secretary of state
bulletPres. judge, N.J. Court of Common Pleas
Wilson, James J.

Elizabeth(town) New-Jersey Journal (apprentice)

Wilmington Mirror of the Times (foreman), 1799-1800

Trenton True American, 1801-

bulletClerk, N.J. General Assembly, ca. 1803-1804
bulletSurrogate of Hunterdon County, ca. 1808
bulletMember, N.J. General Assembly, 1809-1811
bulletU.S. Senator, 1815-21
bulletPostmaster at Trenton, 1821-24
Wright, Joseph Wilkesbarre Gazette
bulletJustice of the peace, ca. 1801-1822

= trained and/or worked as a printer

CURRENT STATS: 37 officeholders found, 30 of them printers

Federalist printers in 1790s who held office after working for Republican papers
(not included in either party's stats)

Day, Matthias Printed Federalist Trenton State Gazette in 1790s, then strongly Republican Trenton True American in 1801 
bulletPostmaster at Trenton, ca. 1810s, based on Republican connections
Smead, Benjamin Brattleboro Federal Galaxy, 1797-1803
Bennington Epitome of the World/World/Green Mountain Farmer, 1807-1816 (Republican)
Bath, N.Y. Steuben Patriot, 1816-23 (Republican)
bulletN.Y. State legislature

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